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Digital Edits


Hello and WELCOME!
I'm here with two helpers to make you a customized banner for your stories.
Before you request anything, please follow these guidelines:

Name/Title of Story:
Preferred Setting of Banner: (Example: A face claim of your OC set over water background for example)
Quote: (optional) (Example: "It wasn't my fault")
Black and White Photo
Colored Photo
Sepia Photo
Special Effects include:
>Framed photo
>Frayed photo
>Cropped photo

Thanks! :)




Hey! I'm Chelsea_Delos, I'm 16 and from New Zealand. I love to edit stuff and PJO and SPN are life! I make a lot of Supernatural and Percy Jackson edits on my Instagram page @theycallmesquirrel

Echo ;)))

Echo ;)))

OKAY so if you don't know me there is a problem. I'm 18, and I am an artist. I work with every medium offered to me, but I think oil paints are my favorite, along with just regular graphite pencils and paper. I work professionally (now) with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, which is a very recent thing for me, so odds are whatever work I release now is going to look much different. I have a job in the graphic design field already, so I'm working my way through college and up. :)

Torissa Nikole

Torissa Nikole

"I am who I am." NO just kidding. 14-years-old, FRICKIN 5'0 AND PROUD. LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE to write, read, am DESPERATELY trying to learn to draw manga (and failing miserably, though still making progress) In terms of digital art and editing, I use a mix of Paint and Photoshop CC (still learning on that one, but making progress! :D)


  1. First of all...

  2. If you want 'em, take 'em.

  3. Drawings

    For ThisIsHowIRoll and Unsocialized Homeschooler

  4. Small Banner for Nitro War

  5. Crystalline Melodies Cover

  6. I Have Anger Issues Cover

  7. Banner for New Generation

  8. Banner for A Survivor is Born

  9. My Editing Style

    Torissa Nikole

  10. A Cold Summer

    For Frost

  11. Dear Fanfiction

    for Araneae Siqua

  12. Photoshop Edits

    Say Hello to the Sky and the Stars Examples:

  13. Banner for Stacey Pendragon-daughter of the sea

    for percabeth120

  14. Daughter of the Olympians- Arianna Castler

    by Say Hello to the Sky and Stars (AKA Halan)

  15. Daughter of the Snow for Greek Freak

  16. Villainess for ValdezChic

  17. Renegade for Grafon

  18. Banner for Nala

  19. Banner for Cady

  20. The Storm's Flame

    for Music Box

  21. Unbreakable Banner- Mori Volo

    by Say Hello to the Sky and Stars (AKA Halan)

  22. Daughter of the Olympians BANNER

  23. Heroes of Hermes Banner

  24. PJO and the Greek Gods Quiz Banner

  25. True Me, True You Banner

  26. Of Vines and Men Banner

  27. Picture Selection for ThatRandomPJOFangirl

  28. True Me, True You Banner 2

  29. The World We Live In Banner

  30. Path of Madness Banner

  31. Son of the Thunderbolt Banner

  32. The First Daughter Banner

  33. The Uprising Banner

  34. Faces of Truth Banner

  35. ROUGH DRAFT House of Hecate

  36. House of Hecate BANNER

  37. Seconds After BANNER

  38. The Life of Kara Beckham BANNER

  39. To Saturn and Back BANNER

  40. B is for Betrayal BANNER

  41. House of Madness BANNER

  42. The Wrath of Nyx BANNER

  43. Once Upon a Nightmare BANNER

  44. I Hate Death BANNER

    By Chelsea_Delos

  45. Hybrid BANNER

  46. Insanity BANNER

    By Chelsea_Delos

  47. The Lone Swimmer BANNER

    By Chelsea_Delos

  48. In Love with a God BANNER

  49. Shattered BANNER

  50. Censored BANNER

  51. Quiz Time BANNER

  52. Mind Games BANNER

  53. Blood On Roses Pictures

  54. Blood on Roses PICTURES

  55. Air Bubbles BANNER

  56. Where'd The Girls Go BANNER

  57. Matching Deal



Chelsea_Delos Chelsea_Delos



Chelsea_Delos Chelsea_Delos

Thank you SO much! Its perfect!

It's up! Let me know of any changes you want!

Chelsea_Delos Chelsea_Delos