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Half-Blooded, Half-Chosen

Chapter One

I woke up in the morning, my head throbbing. Usually that meant my other half, Calypso, had lost yet another hero. Her heart must be really broken this time, cause my headache was worse than any other I have ever felt.

I threw my blankets aside, sliding my legs out of bed. Lucky for me, AND Percy, since he had met Calypso, no one knew my secret. My father, Poseidon, took pity on Calypso and spilt her in half: Her personality and heart-mirrored mine, so basically she felt what I felt. I was different only for my sharp, sea green eyes and my stunning black/brown hair. I had her pale skin and almond/gold flecks in my eyes.

I shuffled over to my mirror. I looked terrible, like hell warmed over. I sat down, and summoned some seawater through the porthole to scrub my hair. It seemed to have worked a little too well. I flicked my wrist, getting rid of the water and leaving my hair perfectly curly. It turned a deep, dark brown. Now I’m really starting to look like Calypso. Of course. It would just be easier of we could become one again. My eyes even turned from green-gold to brown-green. I huffed, getting up and pulling on my skinny jeans, blue/teal tank, and black boots.

I flung my door open, and was hit with a vision: Leo on a beach...with Calypso? A raft was bobbing towards them. She forced him on, and they seemed to exchange words. Suddenly, she grabbed him and kissed him, then shoved him away. I could feel his soft kiss sting my own lips...mmm. I've waited for that for too long. I was hit with a realization: she had been affected by my feelings for Leo.

My sight returned, and I slumped onto the floor, staring at the wall, the kiss still tingling on my lips. “Echo! Leo’s back!” I heard Hazel call out down the hall. I stood shakily, walking slowly out towards the main deck. Leo was being tackled by Piper, and by Hazel. I walked towards the group, still shaken by my vision. I knew what it meant: Calypso and I were rejoining. That is why my hair and eyes were turning a funny color. I was lost in thought, but I could feel Leo’s eyes burning into me. He stared at me, mouth agape. I locked eyes with him.

“What?” His mouth snapped shut.

“N-nothing.” He shuffled past me into the lower decks. Piper seemed to notice the change too.

“What happened to your hair and eyes?” She inquired.

“Long story.” I retorted. “I’m going to go talk to Leo about the engine. Something’s squealing down there.” I forced a grin, and ran down to the engine room.




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IT BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Echo, you're mince meat if it doesn't come out today. I'm already a nervous wreck because the BoO comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!1