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The Rise Of The Titans Series: Kronos's Revenge (Book 1)

Chapter 2

Percy felt lightheaded from all his thinking that night, so he went to bed early. Before he knew it, he fell into a fitful slumber and was engulfed into darkness.

Percy felt himself hit the ground, which sent him sprawling onto his back. Booming laughter rang through his ears, thumping against his eardrums. Fear pounded in Percy's chest.

"Perseus Jackson! It is I, Kronos. Long time no see." Kronos sneered, his metallic voice scraping up and down Percy's spine. Percy slowly got onto his feet, panting feverishly.

"You are a fool to believe that there would be any peace and joy for gods. Do you even know anything? Monsters cannot die, no matter how many times you attempt to kill them. They will always reform, as for you...you will die sooner or later or out of old age, mortal," He spat.

The Titan's face grew visible. He looked weak, his distorted features tightening up with anger and fury across his face.

"I will tell you this, Jackson! I will be more powerful then you'd imagine. I swear revenge! When you meet me, you will die in front of my army of monsters. Olympus will be in ruins, and your fellow demigods will serve me." He paused, wiping spittle from his lip with his deformed hand.

"They will never serve anyone like you," Percy snarled back, his hands digging into his pocket and enclosing them around Riptide.

"Ah, of course they wouldn't, unless I leave them no choice. Say, Jackson, I will spare them if you hand yourself down to me. Meet me at my lair in Mount Tam and we shall discuss this matter, " Kronos said.

Percy pulled out his pen, and quickly uncapped it. His pen grew larger and heavier in his hand and it formed into his sword. "You're getting your hopes too high, my lord." He slashed through Kronos's face, which dissipated instantly.

Percy jolted awake and and found his mess of clothes on the floor- his Camp Half-blood T-shirt, jeans, and his favorite blue jacket. He changed quickly and scrambled out to the big house to find the members of his quest, along with Chiron. Percy told them about his dream in a hoarse voice.

Chiron let out a sigh, stroking his beard. "It seems to me that Kronos has, indeed risen again. This is quite a disturbing situation we are in, since we have no clue of how Kronos has come back into power."

"Chiron, do you have any idea what this unknown power is that reincarnated Kronos?," Piper asked.

Chiron glanced at the girl grimly, "Kronos did not reincarnate. He merely reformed, though the process usually takes quite a while. The fact that he has reformed in such a short period of time alarms me. There is some type of element out there that is truly powerful enough to do such a thing. I believe the answer lies somewhere in Mount Tam,"

Annabeth groaned. "The weight of the sky, again?"

Jason looked confused. "What sky? Also is anyone not suspicious by the fact that Kratos didn't tell us the information we needed, but Kronos did, in Percy's dream? Kronos might be leading us into his trap."

Percy felt uneasy. "I think that we already know it is a trap, considering the fact that Kronos told me that he would trade my death with the lives in Camp Half-blood, but we'll work the trading part out, won't we?"

He heard a breath sucked in. "He did what?" Jason quaked, narrowing his eyes dangerously, "Percy, you can't be considering this,"

Percy blinked at his friend, "Well-"

"Percy, you are not trading your life for ours. We'll stick together and stay safe. In addition, Kratos did tell us to keep you alive or we would be doomed." Annabeth cut in.

"Right, so we'll go to Mount Tam to find Kronos's lair. But how? It is across the country, and I'm not riding a fudging plane in such times," Piper said.

"I'm not riding a plane either!" Percy piped in.

Leo grinned widely. "Well, there is a car!"

"Car?" Percy asked. The friends looked at Leo as if he was a lunatic.

"It's parked next to the cabin, in case you were wondering wether I'm hallucinating or not," Leo remarked.

"When did you even have time to build this?" Jason questioned, rising his eyebrows. Leo wagged his fingers at him, "Yesterday night, golden boy! I was thinking a lot about the quest."

Chiron gave them a small chuckle, though his eyes were still as stormy as Annabeth's, "Very well, my fellow demigods. I believe that your method of transportation has already been decided, though I shall ask Leo's other siblings to inspect for any....minor defects. You may leave as soon as you want to, but you must contact me before you do so,"

Percy nodded at his director, then looked at his friends, smiling, "Okay, so we've got everything settled, then. Let's go and kill some monsters."



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