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7 Daughters of Prophecy

Hitching a Ride

I kicked a rock as I walked. I had to get to camp by foot. And since I broke my vows, I could start to feel the immortal power wear off. I felt weaker, but I stayed 15 and 1/2. I had only been a hunter for like 6 years. I felt bad for giving up on it, but I had an entire future ahead of me. As I tramped through a clearing, a doe lifted her graceful head. Two fawns dashed out from behind her. A sneaky raccoon popped its head out of a hollow stump. Two butterflies flitted across the meadow, followed by the melodious song of the blue jay. All this beauty made me stop and stare.

Being with Artemis all those years made me appreciate nature a lot more. I felt a strong connection with it. The doe took one last look at me, and calmly walked away, nudging her fawns to follow. The raccoon squeezed out of the trunk and went on with his business. The blue jay continued it's singing, but quieter. And the butterflies flew across the meadow, as if chasing the deer.

I continued on my journey. My very far journey, alone. How would I ever get there? Hunters could travel much faster than any demigod or mortal. I debated whether I was in Nevada or still in California. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a road appeared. I'd never seen it on any map. But it looked like it was driven on every day. I looked up and down the street. No car or rest-stop for a far as the eye can see. Then the horn blasted. The horn of a semi-truck.

It was big and orange. The sides were white, where the company name was located. The name read "Monster Donuts" with a green cartoon monster taking a bite out of the "O" that was in "Donuts". I sworn I'd seen one of those shops somewhere. The truck quickly passed me. Once it got about ten feet, it slammed on its brakes. The truck screeched to a stop. I swiftly ran over, and climbed up to the driver's window. But no one was there.

"Can I help you?" A voice asked. I gasped and whirled around, bow drawn. A short, fat man was standing behind me. He yelped and put his hands up in surrender. "Please don't kill me! I'll give you a box of donuts! And a ride!" He pleaded. I slowly put down my bow. He wore a Boston Red Sox baseball cap. His white shirt had grease stains all over, along with his tattered jeans. Donut crumb clung to his unshaven face.

"I'm... sorry." I apologized. He smiled weakly, "Do you need a ride anywhere?" "Any chance your headed to New York?" I asked, going around to the passenger side. "All the way up there? Sorry, no. Far as I can go is Iowa. But a few buddies of mine could help you." He answered, swinging up to the drivers seat. "Ok, thanks..." "Bart, just call me Bart. And you're?" He asked. I wasn't sure if I should've told him my real name. He started driving East. "Uh, thats not important. Let's just get going. Iowa, here we come." I said. I got settled in my seat, expecting a long drive. But what I didn't know is that the ride of my lifetime was just 20 minutes away.


I'm sooooo sorry this chapter is short! It was late at night and I needed to update. And I'm kinda in a writers block. I guess we'll just have to see what happens... And if u have any good ideas for chapters,please tell me!!! Thanks for being so supportive!


Please update! I need to know why *cough* freaking *cough* Hera is behind her. You cannot discontinue!

percabeth120 percabeth120

Awesome story! And thanks!

Oh my gosh! So I was starting the 2nd chapter and then it kicked me out! When I logged back on, my chapter was long gone. :-( so it might not be up until tomorrow.

Wolf_huntress Wolf_huntress

Thanks so much! I love your support!

Wolf_huntress Wolf_huntress

Good job! Your an awesome author! I always love your books!

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