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The Brown Tapes [ON HIATUS]


This is the story of Tony Starks, a lieutenant in the DeLuca mob family in the city of Licce in Italy in the 1960s. He breaks off from the family and ends up starting his own crime family, the Black Suits, and starts the biggest crime war in history with the DeLucas. But it is only after a strange visit from his true parents that he learns that there are higher powers involved in his mob war.

This won't be very related to PJO, but bear with me.


Carmela Logano

Carmela Logano

Tony's girlfriend. She is a wickedly attractive hitwoman for any crime family that pays her well enough. She met Tony at a New Years' party the DeLucas were holding. She is very useful to Tony, as she often lies to the Gang Task Force and hides guns, drugs and other illegal things, distracting the police with her beauty. She is a daughter of Aphrodite, and the minor demigod Dolos, the demigod of deception, but doesn't learn until the Ghostface Killer arrives.

Giuseppe (The Viper)

Giuseppe (The Viper)

No one knows his last name. He was one of the first assassins for the DeLuca crime family. He hated Tony from day one, and after Tony brakes from the DeLucas, he tries to kill him multiple times. So far, nobody has ever lived to tell the tale of being hunted by the Viper. No one knows but him, but he is a son of Nemesis, and was jealous because he knew of Tony's true heritage of being a son of Nemesis AND Hades.

Luciano Verdi

Luciano Verdi

A mafia assassin and best friend to Tony, he breaks from the DeLucas when Tony does, one of his few supporters. After the Black Suits grow in size, he becomes a don with Tony. He doesn't like or trust Carmela, but that's mainly because he had a huge crush on her when he was a young hitman in the DeLucas. He is a son of Ares, but doesn't learn it until the Ghostface Killer shows up.

The Ghostface Killer

The Ghostface Killer

Has total control over flight, blades and cannot be seen. The ultimate killing machine, born to exact revenge.

Tony Starks

Tony Starks

A young mafia man in Italy during the 1960s, he worked for the DeLuca crime family. But after seeing that the crime family was not interested in promoting him any further than a boss, and not to a don level, he left the family, starting his won group named the Black Suits. They would go on to become rivals of the DeLucas, Gambinis and Verrezanos. He is a son of Nemesis and Hades, but doesn't learn it until he starts to break off from the DeLucas.



@Wu-Tang Clan
No way. You found it. We were going to put that same link on the summary after posting the last chapter, but now it's in the comments. It is an awesome mixtape, and I think it's classic Ghostface. Nice to hear from another member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Thalia Grace Thalia Grace

I know enough about Wu's mixtapes to realize when someone is borrowing from 'em and making a dope story. As a die-hard fan, I can say that you couldn't have picked a better mixtape to get inspired from. Keep up the good work, brother. For anyone living under a rock, the mixtape @Grafon and @Syngrafeas are drawing from to write this story can be found right here: http://soultemplemusic.bandcamp.com/album/twelve-reasons-to-die-the-brown-tape
If you guys are writing this thing one-by-one according to each track, I can't wait to see what this thing turns into.

Wu-Tang Clan Wu-Tang Clan

@Fenrir_Glacies @TheSavingGrace
I have no idea how accurate the Italian is...using the words directly from Google translate. But yeah, thanks for the well wishes. This story, and a few others will be on the back burner for now, but we should be getting back onto it within a month or so.

Thalia Grace Thalia Grace

Oh my...this is something...that...I cannot comprehend with words, but I'll do my best:



So original.

ThisIsHowIRoll ThisIsHowIRoll

Original story. I like it. How accurate is the Italian? My Italian's really bad so I can't verify~

First story that I'm actually going to follow on this site. It's well-written and seems to have an interesting plot. Good job, guys! :)

Fenrir_Glacies Fenrir_Glacies