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Prophecy Page


Note to those who request a prophecy;
You will need to tell me the following things:
1. Who the prophecy is about
2. What the prophecy is about
3. The effects if they fail
4. Any other information that you feel is relevant.

--LeoFangirl, the Oracle




Hi I'm the co - oracle. (music=Apollo=prophcys)

LeoFangirl, the Oracle

LeoFangirl, the Oracle

I make the prophecies!


  1. In-story prophecies

    These were in the books

  2. To Nitro War

    Here's the prophecy you requested

  3. To bolt

    Again, here's the prophecy.

  4. To Striderbro

    Here's the prophecy.


I could use a prophecy. I'm not sure if I'll put it in my story or not, depending if it seems a good fit, and if I do I might switch something up (but I'll give you credit if you want). I would do it myself, but I can't rhyme, so yeah...
Okay, so circumstances! The prophecy was given to Nicole, and even though she is not the main character, it needs to be for her from her point of view. Basically, it talks about :
Nicole (daughter of Zeus) will be captured by an unknown entity (it's her grandfather, who's supposed to be dead, but she can't know that) and psychologically tortured. The prophecy itself is gonna talk about how a half-sister (Krystal, also a daughter of Zeus) will be the one to make a choice and either comfort her, but do nothing (to which Nicole would die, and Krystal would have to live with the guilt of being too late), abandon her (to which Nicole would live, but seek revenge upon Krystal for leaving her), share her pain (to which they both go insane), or take all the pain upon herself (to which Krystal would die and Nicole would live). I know it's a lot, and you don't have to incorporate the results into the prophecy, but I put them there in case you needed a better idea of the air which the prophecy needs to have. Thanks! =) Feel free to ask if you need more info.

Torissa Nikole Torissa Nikole

Dude nice! Just got THE best idea for a new chapter. Thanks a lot dude, I owe you one. But right now, I need to get to righting! *abscond*

Striderbro Striderbro

Got to be about the rise of Tarterus. And something about children of Titans.

Striderbro Striderbro

The prophecy not the story.

bolt bolt

What it about?

bolt bolt