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A New Quest: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Chapter Five: This Better Be Good

Two days have passed since Annabeth and I have been on the way to Colorado to find Grover. Annabeth was falling asleep, leaning her head on the lady next to her.
She lifted her head up, and she whispered, "Percy?"
"Why'd you want to come here anyways?"
"I had this dream that Grover was in Colorado, and I thought it could only help if we looked."
"Your insane, Seaweed Brain," Annabeth didn't seem like she was joking. She really did think I'm insane.
"I wasn't before I met you," I smiled.
"You're an ass." Everybody else on the bus was alseep, thankfully. An Iris message popped up in front of me. It was Chiron again.
"Hello, Chiron," greeted Annabeth.
"How are you feeling?"
"Better. I don't really know why I would pass out like that," she winked at me.
"Chiron, we're on our way to Colorado to look for Grover," I said.
"Because Seaweed Brain here, had a dream, that we found Grover there."
"Percy, really?"
"It's worth a try." Chiron looked away from me, and towards Annabeth.
"Glad you're okay."
"Thank you." The rainbow was ruined, because Chiron disappeared.

Two Days Later
The bus we've been on for nearly four days, has finally reached Colorado. We were in Fort Collins. As we got off the bus holding our bags, we both felt a wave of relief. Now, where would a satyr be?
"Annabeth, if Grover likes to eat cans, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"If Grover is a satyr, and satyrs like cans, we need to find a place with a lot of cans!"
"Like the garbage?"
"Or a bar," I suggested.
"What are we supposed to do? Check every bar? We can't even get in. We are under age."
"We just need to step in, look, and step out."
"Whatever you say, Seaweed Brain."
"Look, there's a bar right down there," I pointed so she could see. We were quite happy to be able to run and stretch out our legs. We ran down to the bar. I opened up the door and let Annabeth in, and followed her in. We both looked around. Niether of us saw him anywhere.
"Percy, go check the guys bathroom."
"Fine," I rolled my eyes because I wasn't looking forward to this. I ran in the bathroom, and called Grover's name.
"Grover?" No answer. We left and found another bar just a few miles away. I held the door for Annabeth, and went in after she did. I did the same as before, and poked my head into the men's bathroom. No Grover in sight. Annabeth and I left, and started walking. We walked a little while longer looking for another bar.
"Do you think we're going to find Grover?" I asked Annabeth.
"I hope so."
"Is he oaky?"
"I don't know, Percy," she frowned. "But if he isn't I'll be here for you."
"Thanks Annabeth." I stopped walking and gave her a bear hug. Next thing I knew, she had pulled me in for a kiss on the lips. We eventually found another bar. Maybe this was it. Maybe my best friend was inside this building. The bar was filthy on the inside, and smelt like nasty beer, and sweat. I already didn't want to be in there anymore. I looked in the bathroom very quickly, and left when we saw no sign of Grover. It was getting late, and the sun was setting. We had no luck finding Grover on our first day in Colorado. Annabeth and I found a place to sleep, once again in some woods.
"Maybe we'll find him tomorrow," Annabeth said.
"Yeah, maybe."
"He;ll be fine." Another Iris messege showed up right in front of the two of us. Once again, it was Chiron.
"Annabeth, Percy," Chiron said slowly.
"What is it?"
"Come back to Camp Half-Blood. Immediately."
"But why?" Annabeth asked.
"Just do so." The rainbow was gone.
"Do you think they found Grover?" I asked.
"Maybe," I said. I don't know what it was, but it better be good. I'm gonna be really mad, if we left our quest for something stupid. Maybe they found him after all. I'll just have to wait and see.


Hey! I hope you like this chapter! Keep enjoying! :D


Maybe you could try to add have someone go missing and percy and annabeth and grover go to save them or somethig. then annabeth gets separated from percy and suspense... drama... suspense ...reunited! Yay
just some ideas
it is awsome btw keep going!

Becca_B000 Becca_B000

Maybe for Chapter 9 you should add another suspense...

I loved it! You should go read my story "The Time Turner!" I think you might like it! :-)

Can all of you viewers read my story "Leo gets a girlfriend" I've been M.I.A for about a month now, when i last logged on my story was #2 on the most popular and now it's not even on the first page, I've posted more in it and will be posting more soon.

I will today! (: Thank you so much! :D