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A New Quest: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction


When Grover goes missing, Percy and Annabeth are given a quest. They are to find Grover, and bring him back to camp half blood. I might throw in a little bit of Percabeth. ;)

NOTE: I do not own Percy Jackson and The Olympians, Rick Riordan does. I aslo wanted to let you all know that I've only read the first book. I fast forwarded a few years, so he's fifteen. I haven't gotten to read the other books yet, because people haven't turned the book I need fromt he series in to the library yet. Sorry guys. For now I'm sticking with The Lightnign Thief characters just a few years later. c:



Maybe you could try to add have someone go missing and percy and annabeth and grover go to save them or somethig. then annabeth gets separated from percy and suspense... drama... suspense ...reunited! Yay
just some ideas
it is awsome btw keep going!

Becca_B000 Becca_B000

Maybe for Chapter 9 you should add another suspense...

I loved it! You should go read my story "The Time Turner!" I think you might like it! :-)

Can all of you viewers read my story "Leo gets a girlfriend" I've been M.I.A for about a month now, when i last logged on my story was #2 on the most popular and now it's not even on the first page, I've posted more in it and will be posting more soon.

I will today! (: Thank you so much! :D