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A New Quest: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Chapter Eight: A Ride With Blackjack

Grover and I hurred Annabeth back to the infirmary. The whole camp was looking at us like, what the Hades? Fine by me.
"Are you okay?" Grover asked Annabeth.
"I'll be fine," she replyied, obviously in a lot of pain. When we got her there, I handed her off to somebody who could help her more than I could. Grover and I stood and watched, looking panicked. Grover looked more freaked out than when he realized Medusa had turned his own uncle Ferdinand into a statue. Grover never did like blood. Apparently Grover and I were freaking poor Annabeth out, because we looked so worried. We must have been distracting because the nurse made us leave, even though we weren't even talking. We began walking towards my cabin.
"What's going on?" Asked a voice that never fails to piss me off.
"Clarisse, I don't have time to talk about it, expecially not to to you."
"Sorry I asked," said Clarisse, rolling her eyes.
*In Percy's Cabin* I must of looked pretty worried and shooken up, because Grover seemed calmer than I was.
"Stop worrying about her. Annabeth is a strong girl, and she will be okay."
"I know. Just do something to get my mind off this. Anything."
"Um.. Would you rather be allergic to enchilladas or cans?"
"What? Grover, I'm not a Satyr."
"I'm sorry, Perce. I'm no good at this, but I know someone who is." Grover suddenly ran out of Cabin 3 as fast as a Satyr in a hurry, oh wait. I nervously paced back and forth. I walked from my bed, to the bathroom sink, back to my bed, and back to the sink again. I was so worried about Annabeth. I stuck my head under the water and allowed it to run all over my face and through my hair. It felt good, and relaxing. There was a knock on my door and Grover let himself in. I flipped my head up to greet him, but I forgot about the faucet. My face smashed against the metal, and water sprayed everywhere. Great, just great. I could hear the recognizable voice of Blackjack, my pegasus.
Heyy, Boss."Hey buddy, can you take me for a ride?"
Sure thing, Boss. I hopped on his back, and let him take me away. I need something to get my mind off of Annabeth. My face still hurt a little from the faucet. I guess I fell asleep on Blackjack's back. When i woke up I was back in my cabin.
"Percy, wake up."
"Who else."
"You're okay?"
"All better."
"I love you, Wise Girl."
"I love you too, Seaweed Brain." She laced her fingers through mine and kissed my lips.
"Please never do that again," I begged.
"No promises." She smiled, and kissed me again, and for the second time in my life I felt like I belonged somewhere.


Hey, guys. I'm sorry that I never update. I've been busy because I just started highschool, and I have a lot to do most of the time. But I'll try harder now. I hope you liked it. OH! And just wondering, when I write in Percy's POV, do I sound like a guy?


Maybe you could try to add have someone go missing and percy and annabeth and grover go to save them or somethig. then annabeth gets separated from percy and suspense... drama... suspense ...reunited! Yay
just some ideas
it is awsome btw keep going!

Becca_B000 Becca_B000

Maybe for Chapter 9 you should add another suspense...

I loved it! You should go read my story "The Time Turner!" I think you might like it! :-)

Can all of you viewers read my story "Leo gets a girlfriend" I've been M.I.A for about a month now, when i last logged on my story was #2 on the most popular and now it's not even on the first page, I've posted more in it and will be posting more soon.

I will today! (: Thank you so much! :D