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A New Quest: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Chapter Seven: Ouch! That's Got To Hurt!

All day long, I was pretty bored after I played truth or dare with Grover, Annabeth, and Nancy. Nancy really didn't seem as bad as she used to be. She was actually kind of pretty, and don't get me wrong, she's nothing compared to Annabeth. I'm sure Grover is wondering what's up with us since we dragged that kiss out as long as we could. I mean, we've kissed several times. We haven't really brought it up. I spent a little bit of time doing archery today, but I suck at it, so I soon gave up. It wasn't a very interesting day. At dinner I sat with Annabeth, Grover, and even Nancy. We scraped part of our meal into the fire, and prayed to the gods like always. After dinner, Annabeth and I were standing outside the Poseidon cabin talking about the game of truth or dare.
"Was it obvious?" I asked.
"The kiss?"
"A little bit," Annabeth hesitated. "Grover asked me if we were going out."
"He asked you?"
"Yep," Annabeth nodded.
"And what did you say?"
"I didn't know what to say."
"Are we?" I asked.
"I don't know are we?"
"Annabeth Chase, you are my best friend, and you make me happy. Will you be my girlfriend?" I said smiling.
"I love you, Seaweed Brain." I wrapped her up into a bear hug, and held her with my arms around her waist and her arms were wrapped around my neck. I pulled her in and gave her a kiss. Just as we were kissing with nobody around, it started to rain. Demigods started running towards their cabins to avoid getting soaking wet. This meaning that every camper within forty feet just saw Annabeth and I kiss. By now I really don't care.
"I love you too, Wise Girl." I kissed her again, as I realized Grover was standing right next to us in the pouring rain.
"You two are together?"
"Yeah," Annabeth said smiling. Clarisse and two of her ugly sibblings from the Ares cabin walked slowly towards the three of us.
"Look at these love birds," Clarisse teased.
"Stop," I said.
"What? Is little Percy, son of the sea god, gonna cry?"
"Go away Clarisse!" Annabeth warned. Before I knew it, I started yelling and cursing in greek, which always just came naturally to me. Clarrise gave me a death stare, as she and her sisters walked away, all talking about what an ugly couple we were.
"Foret about them," I whispered to Annabeth.
"Done," she smiled. The sky darkened, and the rain stopped. I went into the Poseidon cabin. I changed out of my clothes and hopped in the shower, I could spend hours in there. As the water began to get cold, I turned it off, and got dressed into my clothes. It was about 12:40 when I started to drift off. I woke up early, (not normal for me). It was about 4:00 in the morning. Go back to sleep, Percy, I thought. I couldn't though. I felt a pain in my chest. Not like heart burn, more like heart break. I wanted Annabeth. It felt so empty and dark, as if there were a hole in my chest just getting bigger. Scratch that, I NEED Annabeth, I thought. I closed my eyes for a few minutes hoping I could get back to sleep. Not a chance. I lied in my bed for almost two hours before I heard a loud cry from about twenty yards away. It sounded female, but I wasn't sure. I made sure that I had Riptide with me, and left my cabin. I looked into the distance to see something I didn't want to see. It was Annabeth lying in the grass moaning, and holding her stomach. I ran closer to see what was gong on.
"Annabeth!" I screamed. I ran to her. Right where both of her hands where grasping her stomach, there was blood seeping through her shirt. "Shit!" I screeched. Nobody was awake, that I knew of. "Annabeth, what happened?"
"I.. killed.. Mantico-" she began to pass out.
"No!" She was losing way to much blood. I ripped off the shirt I was wearing, and tied it around her so it covered her wound. I picked her up and slug her around my shoulder. I ran quickly to The Big House and hoped Chiron, or even Mr. D was awake right now. I was pound on the damn door so hard. I was freaking out. Still holding Annabeth I let out a quiet groan. "Help," I tried, but my voice wouldn't say it. Just a whisper. "Chiron! Mr. D!" The door opened and I stopped pounding. Chiron stood in the door way, looking to me, then to Annabeth.
"My gods, what happened?" Asked Chiron, helping me carry her inside to the infirmary.
"I was trying to sleep, and I heard a cry. I ran out holding Riptide, and found Annabeth. She was bleeding badly, and I asked her what had happened. She mumbled a little something about killing a Manticore.. I covered her wound with my shirt."
"How long has she been passed out?"
"Maybe ten minutes."
"I'm glad you came to me," Chiron said, looking at the gash in her lower stomach on the left. I took a small peek at it, and my mouth filled up with vomit. Chiron noticed, and handed me a little bucket. I shook my head no, and was able to swallow it back down. The cut was really nasty. Disgusting yellow pus oozed out of it, mixing with blood. Chiron began to rinse out the deep, festering cut with some clean water. Nurses in the room, came to his aid. One peeled her white, bloody shirt off of her, revealing a black, lacy bra. They began to work on it and making it look less disgusting. After three hours of sitting there, watching them sew it up, and waiting for her wake up, I fell asleep in a chair next to her. Chiron stayed with her. Still nobody was really awake. It's only seven after all. Annabeth woke up and looked around.
"What happened?"
"You killed a Manticore, it bit you," I said.
"A few hours ago. We've been waiting for you to wake up," Chiron stated.
"Drink some Nectar," I said, pointing at the glass sitting next to her. Annabeth picked it up and took a few sips.
"Who found me, and where was I?"
"Percy found you. You were close to the cabins. Who knows what you were doing wandering around at four in the morning, but it's a good thing Percy saved you when he did. You could have died. You're lucky." "Thank you," she smiled at her boyfriend. She took another little sip of the Nectar, and went straight to sleep. I got up and felt her forehead.
"Chiron, she has a fever." Chiron took her temperature, and his eyes widened. 103.7, I saw as I looked over his shoulder. Probably just from the wound. I sat around for another fifteen minutes. Chiron left to go get Mr. D. Annabeth rolled over in her sleep, nearly falling off of the bed. She woke up and rubbed her eyes. I immediatly shoved a thermometer into her mouth, and under her tongue. Okay, she was doing okay now. It's a normal temperature now.
"Hey," she smiled.
"How do you feel?"
"Sore, but I'm happy."
"Why are you so happy?"
"I'm with you." I felt the sudden urge to pick her up, and spin her around, to show her how gorgeous she really was, and most importantly, to kiss her passionatley. I did so. I layed down in the bed with her and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Then I put my hands on her waist, and pulled myself closer. I was cold before, but now her body hear made it go away. As I looked into her beautiful smokey gray eyes, I leaned in and kissed her. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, and mine into hers. I didn't realize it, because my eyes were closed, but Chiron, and Mr. D stood in the doorway staring at the two of us. We were practically swallowing each other. As soon as I opened my eyes, and glanced in there direction, I saw their looks of disgust. I pulled my tongue out of her mouth, and she did the same. Damn, awkward.
"Yes, Chiron?"
"What was that?" He wasn't mad, just suprised. I guess nobody saw Annabeth and I coming.
"A kiss," I admitted as I felt my cheeks get red, and my face get hot.
"I didn't realize you two were.. together."
"I'm sorry?"
"No, it's your choices, as I am not your father. I'm just a bit suprised."
"Um, okay." Annabeth mumbled.
"How do you feel Annabeth?" Chiron smiled.
"Amazing," she said as if it weren't awkward enough. Mr. D made a fake gagging noise and rolled his eyes.
"Can you walk?"
"I think so," she said. I moved off of the bed so that she could get up. Her blonde hair was in a messy side braid. I think that at one point it was a tight braid, but her fight with the Manticore, and her rolling around in her sleep messed with it. Either way, she looked hot. She was still in only her bra. A pile of shirts sat folded in the corner, on a chair. I grabbed one, and brought it to her. She slipped it on under her blanket, so Mr.D didn't see her in her bra. Chiron had already seen her like that when she was unconcious, and I was her boyfriend, so did it really matter? Besides, Chiron was like a father to her. Mr. D was just a grumpy guy, who didn't want to be here. Annabeth stood up and walked from her bed, to Chiron, to the door, back to the bed and to me.
"Does walking hurt at all, where your cut is?"
"Where is my cut?"
"I'm taking that as a no," I smiled.
"Why am I still here?" Mr. D complained and walked away.
"Great. I bet you two are hungry, go get some breakfast. Annabeth, you be careful until that heals."
"I will. Thanks, Chiron." I grabbed Annabeth's hand as we walked to go eat breakfast with everyone else. I didn't bother letting go of her hand when everybody saw us. If Chiron and Mr.D knew, why not everyone else? It's actually funny, because I can think of a lot of guys that have a thing for Annabeth, and a lot of girls openly flirt with me. I'm pretty much known as, Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon that saved the world. Girls I barley know at camp tell me I'm "hot", (Their vision must be fucked up!). My point is, Annabeth and I as a couple is going to make quite a few people jealous. As we got our breakfast, and sat down, Grover came up next to us, and greeted us.
"Good Morning!"
"Not quite," Annabeth decided.
"Why not?"
"She got atacked by a Manticore early in the morning. Lucky for her I heard her scream, and I brought her to Chiron."
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah. Wanna see the cut?"
"Um, sure." She lifted up her shirt a little bit on the left side. The stitches looked like they had done good. The cut looked way better than before. Then both of us started to eat out food. Annabeth accidentally dropped her spoon, so I leaned down under the table to get it for her, but she got to it before me. I guess that when she bent down to grab it, it stretched her cut, and the stitches came undone, because she was now holding her cut, and blood was sinking through this shirt as well as her other one.


Haaii, how we doin'? Good? Great. I just realized I haven't really put that many cliff hangers in here, so I guess this is considered to be one. I'll get back to this as soon as I possibly can. I hope I'm not boring you.. I try to update as much as I can. All I know is that I'm thankful for the views, and I love you all. Go Percabeth!


Maybe you could try to add have someone go missing and percy and annabeth and grover go to save them or somethig. then annabeth gets separated from percy and suspense... drama... suspense ...reunited! Yay
just some ideas
it is awsome btw keep going!

Becca_B000 Becca_B000

Maybe for Chapter 9 you should add another suspense...

I loved it! You should go read my story "The Time Turner!" I think you might like it! :-)

Can all of you viewers read my story "Leo gets a girlfriend" I've been M.I.A for about a month now, when i last logged on my story was #2 on the most popular and now it's not even on the first page, I've posted more in it and will be posting more soon.

I will today! (: Thank you so much! :D