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A New Quest: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Chapter Six: Truth or Dare?

Annabeth and I finally got back to Camp Half-Blood.The bus ride back, was no fun. I sat next to Annabeth this time, but I felt sick the whole first day on the bus. Then the next few days on the bus, we just plain boring. We had nothing to do but talk, and worry about what happened. There was one good thing about it. Annabeth kissed me again. The second we reached Camp Half-Blood, Chiron was waiting for us. The centaur trotted up to us quickly.
"Glad you're back. Care to see Grover?" I looked at Annabeth and smiled widley.
"He's okay!" I screamed happily. I skipped forward and jumped into the air. Not even Annabeth was acting as girly as I was.
"Percy! Percy, Calm down." Chiron warned. "He's not exactly okay." This made me worry. I figured if he wasn't okay, he'd be in the infirmary. I raced through the grass, and found the infirmary. Grover layed on a soft bed. His eyes were squinted, but he was very awake.
"Grover? What the hell?" He just cracked up right when he heard the sound of my voice.
"Hey, Percy!" "Where have you been? You know we were on quest looking for you right? What god were you with, and could you please stop the giggling, its annoying." I complained. "Where were you?" I asked again, but the laugher continued. Grover took his right hand and placed it awkwardly on his face. He felt it like he just figured out that he had a face. Then he removed his hand and stared off into the distance. He giggled again, as he touched his face with his other hand. "Dude, are you high?" Chiron stood in the doorway.
"He is indeed."
"Grover you're are so stupid!" I screamed as I ran to his bed and almost punched his sorry ass in the face. "Percy! Calm down," Chiron said.
"We went on this whole quest, to Colorado and back just so that he could get high?" I screamed in anger. I resisted the urge to say, and without me too.
"He didn't do this on his own. Somebody drugged him, and he's got more than just weed in his system." "What else?" Annabeth asked as she walked through the door and stood ext to me.
"I'm guessing LSD," Chiron frowned. "He was saying some crazy things earlier."
"Did he ever tell you where he was? Was he really with a god?" I asked.
"He actually wasn't with any god or goddess. Grover won't tell us where he was. Everytime we ask, he changes the topic," said Chiron. "Did you guys ever figure out why Annabeth fainted?"
"Um, I um," I stuttered. Annabeth fainted because she was so shocked that I kissed her. I looked at Annabeth for help.
"I passed out, because I was scared for Percy," Annabeth lied.
"Why were you scared for Percy?"
"He was bit by a large spider, sir."
"Yes I was."
"Okay," Was all Chiron said. I would tell Chiron that we kissed, but it would just be too awkward.
"Speaking of that," Annabeth started. "I need a new Camp Half-Blood shirt."
"What happened to your other one?"
"We had to leave it behind cause Seaweed Brain threw up on it."
"Okay. Get to dinner you two. All of that stuff should be out of Grover's system by tomorrow."
"Okay." Annabeth and I ran to our cabins and quickly took a shower. It felt sooo nice, after being outside all week. After that, we saw each other at dinner. We finished out food, and went back to our cabins. I went to bed pretty early. When I woke up the next day, Grover and Annabeth were standing over my bed, and as usual, Annabeth was shaking me.
"Good morning, Seaweed Brain."
"Hey Grover," I said, ignoring Annabeth.
"Where were you?" Grover just looked around the room trying to avoid my eye contact.
"I don't remember."
"Great," I said. "So what do you guys want to do?"
"Well Nancy got here today, and I was thinking we could play a game of truth or dare," Annabeth said. "Speaking of that, Grover how come you didn't tell me Nancy was a halfblood?"
"I don't know," he said. 'I'm sorry."
"So do you guys wanna play or not?" Annabeth asked.
"I'll play," I said.
"Me too," Grover said.
"I'll go get Nancy." Annabeth walked out of my cabin.
"Grover, what were you thinking?"
"I told you. I don't remember what happened." Annabeth walked in with Nancy. She had her hair in a pony tail. She looked evil. I wasn't sure if I could ever trust her. We decided who was going to go first. They ended up picking me.
"Nancy, truth or dare?"
"Are you a virgin?" Nancy's face turned bright red.
"No," she bit her lip. "Annabell right?"
"Oh sorry. Truth or dare?"
"I dare you to kiss somebody in our circle." Annabeth and I looked at each other and we both went red in the face. I knew she was going to pick me over Grover, considering she's been kissing me all week, and she wouldn't kiss Nancy.
"Okay." A wide smile grew on my face. Annabeth stood up and walked closer to me. She leaned in and so did I. She pulled me in and placed her lips on mine. She kissed me passionatly for about thirty seconds. "You guys can let go now." Annabeth and I both stopped and smiled.
"Grover, truth or dare?" Annabeth asked as she sat back down in her spot.
"Have you ever had you're first kiss, and who was it with?"
"Yes. It was in second grade with a girl named Heather," he smiled.
"Nancy truth or dare?"
"I dare you to kiss somebody of your choice at Camp Half-Blood." Nancy slowly got up, and she gave Grover a kiss on his lips. This kiss lasted a longer time than my kiss with Annabeth did. She went back to her spot.
"Percy, truth or dare?"
"I dare you to strip naked, and walk around outside for thirty seconds."
"Can I leave my boxers on?"
"I guess." I stoood up and pulled off my shirt, then my jeans. I left my boxers on, and I opened the door. I walked outside, and everyone who was outside was now laughing. I looked down to make sure I wasn't wearing some embarassig pair of boxers. Nope, they were just plain blue. I walked around for thirty seconds while they all stared and laughed. Then I went back in the Poseidon cabin and changed back into my clothes.
"Grover, truth or dare?"
"I don't really feel like playing anymore."
"Yeah, niether do I." Annabeth and Nancy both agreed."
"I didn't really either," I said.


Hey, I hoped you guys like my FanFiction! Love you guys! Stay tuned!


Maybe you could try to add have someone go missing and percy and annabeth and grover go to save them or somethig. then annabeth gets separated from percy and suspense... drama... suspense ...reunited! Yay
just some ideas
it is awsome btw keep going!

Becca_B000 Becca_B000

Maybe for Chapter 9 you should add another suspense...

I loved it! You should go read my story "The Time Turner!" I think you might like it! :-)

Can all of you viewers read my story "Leo gets a girlfriend" I've been M.I.A for about a month now, when i last logged on my story was #2 on the most popular and now it's not even on the first page, I've posted more in it and will be posting more soon.

I will today! (: Thank you so much! :D