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To Keep Them at Bay


On the death sentence, out of time, and out of choices, Peter Banks is forced into dealing with a bigger threat than anyone can imagine. New York is a time bomb that's ticking away, with an army of monsters being built in the vast sewer system under the city. With little time and almost guaranteed to die, Peter needs to get rid of this threat to - you guessed it - keep them at bay to make sure Camp Half Blood has a future.


Anarietta Pierce

Anarietta Pierce

Plenty of sass to go around and thoroughly skilled in architecture and explosives, Anarietta is the special cargo needed to take down the beast's lair.

Peter "Dunce" Banks

Peter "Dunce" Banks

An orphan who grew up doing everything he shouldn't, Peter is a self sufficient realist who knows he's on a one way ticket, and looks forward to it.



Thank you so much! I appreciate the positivity!

@Sakra Devanam
Thank you :) I'm glad people like them, I was afraid people weren't liking this story

Alec your stories are great ^.^ don't give yourself so little credit.
*reads through previous comments*
*le hit by the feels*
Sakra Devanam Sakra Devanam

Well um... shit. My crappy ass stories just got knocked out the ball park! See- There! There they go! Hang on... AND ITS A HOME RUNNNNNN!!!!!

I seriously love this story, keep on doing great!

Lol well thank you :)

If you sucked I would tell you, trust me. :)