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The Tale of Alexandra Orlova


After a great battle, the only thing that Alexandra remembers is plummeting to her potential death, to the ground... After that, she wakes up in the middle of a forest with her senses half-awaken. She decides to look for help and finds herself in Camp Halfblood, but she hesitates to go and ask for help from them... What is she afraid of that she cannot go and ask for help from the happiest and one of the safest places on earth for demigods?

Hey guys, due to the fact that I can't log in to my stupid Facebook account, I've decided to continue this story via this one. Also, I'm gonna change some ideas that I've done in the original manuscript so at the place of the Exorcists or Soul Hunters, however you like to call them, are demigods who just didn't fit in either camp, let's say they train and work in the Underworld because they are juveniles or convicted felons. Onward to the summary:

I know that there are no exorcists in the whole Greek and Roman mythology but let's say that the 'exorcists' of the Underworld were actually called Ghost Hunters or Soul Hunters, but to summarize what they are these are demigods that have committed crimes, ranging from petty thievery to outright murder and they are convicted and are meant to carry out their sentences in the Underworld. Their only way of potentially decreasing the amount of years on their sentences is by doing different jobs. Unfortunately, since this is the Underworld, jobs can have rewards ranging from a couple of second or hours to potentially one year off or the rewards can be weapons or cash. The convicted felons are supposed to enter an Order (which by the by are like gangs) and carry out these jobs. The more successful an Order is (i.e.: has more money, completed more jobs, etc) the more 'leeway' these felons are given. (i.e.: a day or week at the beach).
Of course, what good are prisoners if they die from the toxic air in the Underworld or from lack of fresh food or clean water? Which is why, each order has their own individual HQ's placed in different parts of the USA or Canada.
Originally, there were 12 Orders but due to WW2 and massive amount of deaths, there are only 8 working Orders.
Right now, we will be following Alexandra Orlova, who wakes up in a forest alone and weak. We don't know much about Alexandra, but through the story we discover what and who she is.
Please, enjoy this story and leave a comment.


Alexandra Orlova

Alexandra Orlova

A convicted felon, member of the Second Order, certified spy, has a license for guns, swords, & other weapons. Her special abilities, so far, are unknown. Her parentage is also unknown.

Nico di Angelo

Nico di Angelo

Son of Hades, mysterious and dark, demigod from the 1940's, can bring skeletons from the ground, shadow travel, and loner. Has a sword made out of Stygian Iron

Will Solace

Will Solace

Son of Apollo, head of the Apollo cabin, he's cocky and stubborn, has healing abilities, does a pretty awful supersonic whistle, and is also Nico di Angelo's boyfriend



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