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Children of Greece


Theia's grandfather always told her stories about ancient Greece, he always said that they actually had found place, he was probably crazy, so why take them serious? "There is more to the world" he would say. Yeah yeah she hadn't been a lot of places, but that was not what he meant. But what happens when Theia and three other kids from her school in Florida finds out he was telling the truth?

Theia Santana [Thea] f ; An outsider. She has long wavy red-brown hair, big green eyes, rosa lips and a toothpaste smile. Her skin is tanned like she came back from a vacation only spending it in the sun. She is a few inches lower than Agnes, which makes her the smallest one. She is loyal and very strong-willed. But being the girl with the foster family isn't fun, people mostly keeps their distance since the rumor of her changing foster family once a year spread fast. Skills/talents: fast reflects, drawing. Powers/weapons: X. Family: daughter of Ms. Santana. Lives with a foster family, the mother is a workaholic, the father is bossy and and theres an obnoxious sister. Used to live with grandpa Harley.

Agnes Pan [Aggie] f ; A popular girl, with platinum blond hair, and what seems to be... purple eyes? She is a little bit pale and she is tall, almost as a super-model. She had been breaking a lot of hearts, but she is really not that bad. At first she is annoying and acts like a princess but as getting to know her, she is kind, has inner beauty and most of all, she is strong. Skills/talents: none discovered yet. Powers/weapons: X. Family: daughter of Mr. Pan and Aphrodite.

Caleb Weston [C] m ; An unlucky kid. He has dak hair and dark eyes, not black, but almost. He is pale and just a few inches taller than Agnes and Brianna. He is warmhearted, but yet mysterious and dark. He is very unlucky and he lost his only parent - his father - in a mysterious car accident a year ago. Normally he is said to be a freak by the other kids in school. Skills/talents: none discovered yet. Powers/weapons: X. Family: son of Mr. Weston (deceased) and Cate, presumably Hecate.

Brianna Hower [Bria] f ; A girl with wild dreams. She daydreams all the time, in class, at home, when out for dinner, everywhere! She has curly light brown hair with colored streaks matched with her baby blue eyes and red lips. She is from Europe - Ukraine to be exact - so her skin is light but still has a darker tone over it. She is about as tall as Agnes. She's optimistic and innocent, most of the time. Her biggest dream, that she is sure will come true, is meeting her mother. Skills/talents: none discovered yet. Powers/weapons: X. Family: daughter of Larry Hower and Iris. Has a step-mother.

Other characters will pop up when introduced. Or when new things discovered about characters it will be edited in.


  1. Hairspray can come in handy.

    Theia's POV; A dog interrupts detention.

  2. Chat about parents or a history lesson?

    Agnes POV; chatting about god parents isn't something that belongs at a tea party.


Update please!

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