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Chapter One

"Adrastea please you know you can get to him, you can take Annabeth's spot and still be with me. Besides you promised me." I sighed and moved my hair out of my face and sat by him. "Luke you know it's not fair to me to have to do this, besides Kronus said its your job to get cozy cozy with him, and I don't want to leave you even for a stupid adventure!" He laughed and pulled me close, and whispered in my ear, "The only way I can get close to him is to get him close to you, and when its all down and we are in control you will be my queen just as you always are." I smiled and kissed him goodbye, I needed to pack my stuff and get ready to ambush Percy and his group.
"So can I come with you guys down to Hades?" Percy nodded but Annabeth was mad, "It's only safe to take three in a group not four so you have to stay!" I had Annabeth in a spot I wanted, if she kept acting like this she would certainly lose Percy's affection quickly. "Well you guys really don't need a Satura with you, so I could stay behing and help train kid; Adrastea go you will have fun and enjoy yourself." Grover left and Annabeth started to pout like a little kid. "Annabeth stop being such a brat, you can either get along with Adrastea and respect her or stay here!" Annabeth sighed and grabbed her stuff and started heading down the road until she came to Thalia's tree. "Are you guys gonna come with me or not, I mean Percy it is your quest." We ran down to her and started our trip.
"Three hours till sunrise." I sighed knowing I'd be dragging once the sun rose above the horizon, but maybe uncle Apollo might take his favorite niece for a ride? "Adrastea do you think Apollo will give us all a ride if you call him?" I laughed because Annabeth Chase was asking me for help, yup she's melting. I whistled in the wind towards the East, a car appeared in the distance....


OMG!! Why are you not updating this story? It looks really good and interesting. Please, don't lose hope and stop, keep writing and awaken the budding author in you! This is really good.

percabeth120 percabeth120

need more!

MazeRunnerGirl MazeRunnerGirl

This is really good, but when you do your quotes could you please separate them from the paragraphs? Otherwise it's really good, and the twist is really cool.

MazeRunnerGirl MazeRunnerGirl

I really like the twist you put in this! Please keep writing!!!

Wolf_huntress Wolf_huntress

Need more

ArtemisHunter99 ArtemisHunter99