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Chapter Two

"So anybody baking yet? I know I am." Apollo's car was baking at least to me. Everybody else seemed fine though, must be because I'm more of a moon person. "Adrastea you can sleep in your mom's room in the back. I have a few pictures of your mom and dad in the back." I sigh because I haven't seen or heard from my dad in months, I miss him. "Well Apollo I think I might just hang out here if I fall asleep out here I fall asleep. I sigh and watch out the window even though its to blury to make out anything, I close my eyes and fall asleep.


I was running in a dark room and couldn't find anything, I can typically see well in the dark but for some reason I couldn't see out here. I saw a figure in the distance but it was hard to make out what it was, maybe a human or a demigod. "Adrastea where are you? Come here it's me Luke, look what I can do with my spirit." I walked toward the figure and caught my breathe, look was merged with Kronos' body. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him and breathed him in; it was still Luke but he looked so much cuter like this. He looked stronger and safer, more stable definitely; I felt like I could melt into his embrace and never come out. "Luke, I miss you so much! I can't believe you're able to do this I'm so happy for you. I love you!" He started to say something but the image flickered away into a deep dark cave, inside the cave was a golden coffin. "Adrastea, help Luke into the River of Styx. He needs to be made stronger to hold me inside him, if you love him you will help him! " I awoke with a jolt and felt a knife being pushed against my neck...


"Annabeth get off of her!" Percy was trying to get Annabeth's knife out of her hand but was struggling, he eventually had to half strangle her with water to get her off of me. I tried not to laugh at her stupidity, so jealous of me getting close to Percy that she resulted to trying to kill me. For a daughter of Athena she was really stupid, why try to kill a child of Artemis at night in the woods. I mean seriously this is my territory and always has been, only an idiot would try to kill me out here. I didn't use any of my powers, I needed Percy to think I was weak and needed him to save me. I would have him wrapped around my little finger in no time as long as Annabeth kept acting this way. I ran over and wrapped my arms around Percy's neck and sent a sarcastic grin at Annabeth, the stupid girl actually thought I was drooling over Percy because we have something in common. "Th-thanks Percy, she would've killed me if you hadn't done something!" I make myself cry and stutter, I start making Percy melt. "Annabeth, I want you to go back to camp. I can't handel your stupid irresponsible actions. I will get a boat for you to go back while me and Adrastea contiue the quest." Annabeth started to argue but gave up and started heading back to camp.


OMG!! Why are you not updating this story? It looks really good and interesting. Please, don't lose hope and stop, keep writing and awaken the budding author in you! This is really good.

percabeth120 percabeth120

need more!

MazeRunnerGirl MazeRunnerGirl

This is really good, but when you do your quotes could you please separate them from the paragraphs? Otherwise it's really good, and the twist is really cool.

MazeRunnerGirl MazeRunnerGirl

I really like the twist you put in this! Please keep writing!!!

Wolf_huntress Wolf_huntress

Need more

ArtemisHunter99 ArtemisHunter99