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Chapter Three

Its night five and Percy's been tryin to cuddle with me when I'm trying to sleep. I wish I could just push him away but I have to play nice and get him to fall for me. As soon as I can get him to Kronus the better, but right now I have to figure out how not to get him to find the easy escape pearls. Maybe if I just lead him down to Kronus and put fake pearls around then I can finish my mission. "Adrastea... Adrastea!" "Hmm? Oh wait what'd you say?" I was zoning out and didn't hear him. "I said do you like me? Sorry if I'm being pushy, its just I want to know." I kissed him on the cheek and tried not to gross myself out. "Of course I like you."
I was with Luke/Kronus again in my dream, we were making plans for a new house once we won the war thats starting. Luke/Kronus told me we were about three days from where I was to take Percy. I ran my hand across Luke's scare on his cheek from when Annabeth cut him. It was amazing how he looked cuter with it then before he had it. I was about to hug him when I was awoken...


OMG!! Why are you not updating this story? It looks really good and interesting. Please, don't lose hope and stop, keep writing and awaken the budding author in you! This is really good.

percabeth120 percabeth120

need more!

MazeRunnerGirl MazeRunnerGirl

This is really good, but when you do your quotes could you please separate them from the paragraphs? Otherwise it's really good, and the twist is really cool.

MazeRunnerGirl MazeRunnerGirl

I really like the twist you put in this! Please keep writing!!!

Wolf_huntress Wolf_huntress

Need more

ArtemisHunter99 ArtemisHunter99