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Chapter Four

"Annabeth untie her now!" I could hear Percy screaming but I couldn't see him, I couldn't see anything. I finally realized I had blood in my eyes, I took a wild guess and asummed Annabeth was behind this. "Percy how could you chose her over me? I get that our parents hate eachother but we were destined to be together! I talked to the mummy in the attic and she said that things should've taken a different path, she's not even supposed to exist!" I managed to untie my hands and wiped the blood from my eyes, Percy saw and shook his head just barely enough for me to see. I attacked Annabeth, I managed to get her tied to the ground. I untied Percy and we lefted her there screaming and crying.
We were at a hotel when I fell asleep, Luke was telling me how much he missed me and how soon he suspected I would be at the hole. I spent almost the entire time in that dream just laying in his arms, it was so perfect until I woke up in Percy Jackson's arms!
"Hey sleepy head.. you fell asleep pretty fast earlier. I think we should start moving though, it just got dark." I nodded and got up, I couldn't believe I was in his arms. Alls I wanted to do was go to the shower and scrub his smell from me! We started heading out (after I took a shower), we were only a few hours from the hole!!


OMG!! Why are you not updating this story? It looks really good and interesting. Please, don't lose hope and stop, keep writing and awaken the budding author in you! This is really good.

percabeth120 percabeth120

need more!

MazeRunnerGirl MazeRunnerGirl

This is really good, but when you do your quotes could you please separate them from the paragraphs? Otherwise it's really good, and the twist is really cool.

MazeRunnerGirl MazeRunnerGirl

I really like the twist you put in this! Please keep writing!!!

Wolf_huntress Wolf_huntress

Need more

ArtemisHunter99 ArtemisHunter99