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New Beginnings?

Jason (SPQRukidding) here! So I haven't exactly been active in a while. Sorry about that. College became hectic. My side-job also took a lot of my time.

As a lot of you know, some of our authors left this site including the creator of this thing, Fenrir_Glacies (a.k.a. Kai). So here I am, trying to channel my reasonable side. I can't force anyone to see my point of view but I can try to make it known.

Like what was mentioned in the summary, if we don't add you, it's nothing personal. We just had bad experiences of deletions.

There were a lot of other "stories" like this in the past and they were deleted because a "hacker" was added. The previous version of this one, though, was deleted because of a user who Kai didn't want to add. The user got added anyway and began doing some attention-seeking, guilt-tripping thing. I don't know the exact details but from what I know, the user deleted this in spite because she (I'm assuming it was a she because the name used was a female name) felt ignored(?).

So I'm asking any other people who could come across this to please be a bit more open-minded. If you feel insulted, please voice it out so other users can correct the way their acting. Do not do things brashly. It's hard to determine how people are feeling or what they're thinking over the internet because we can't see or hear each other.

With that said, please try to keep a good atmosphere here.


- Jason (SPQRukidding)
Did that make sense?


Mhm yep I bet

Thank yo- I mean, I'm sure Incagnito Guy thanks you

Best chapter ever


Constrictor Constrictor

I stg this is such a stupid mystery he's obviously Apollo

Stop it Rick Stop it Rick