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The Forum

Fancast - Nico

Oh for futuo's sake! I leave The Forum and this is what I come back to? Frankly, it's excrementum. (Channeling my Latin swear words).

The Forum is supposed to be for random topics of discussion by the users and not for guilt-tripping etcetera, etcetera. So I might as well throw a topic for discussion. I started doing this in the previous version of The Forum which got deleted *cough*. I'll redo it now.

For my Nico di Angelo fancast I choose...

Dylan Schmid

Look at his face.

And the way this cupcake dresses.

So what do you think?


- Kai
I'm back from the grave and taking a break from writing a faux family history for a fictional family. And for anyone who's wondering, the sob story Jason put, yeah, that stuff happened. And can we stop comparing sob stories? And threatening others with suicide? And can we actually use The Forum?


Mhm yep I bet

Thank yo- I mean, I'm sure Incagnito Guy thanks you

Best chapter ever


Constrictor Constrictor

I stg this is such a stupid mystery he's obviously Apollo

Stop it Rick Stop it Rick