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Dear Fanfiction


Watch your favorite Percy Jackson and the Olympians characters give you their own rants and reviews about fanfiction!

(A/N: when I searched 'Dear Fanfiction' I was SO surprised no one had done one of these yet- so I did!)

( ^ ^) this is the bunny. copy and past him into your profile and into the summaries of your stories to help him achieve world domination.


  1. Sincerely, Luke

  2. Sincerely, Thalia

  3. Sincerely, Martha

  4. Sincerely, George

  5. Sincerely, Travis

  6. Sincerely, Nico

  7. Sincerely, Percy

  8. Sincerely, Clarisse

  9. Sincerely, The Fangirls

  10. Sincerely, Leo

  11. Sincerely, Hazel

  12. Sincerely, Tyson

  13. Sincerely, Percy (#2)

  14. Sincerely, Mrs. O'Leary

  15. Sincerely, Mr. D.

  16. Sincerely... Captain America?

  17. Sincerely, Hazel, Piper, and Annabeth

  18. Sincerely, Renya

  19. Sincerely, Ella

  20. Author's Note

  21. Sincerely, The Minor Gods/Goddesses

  22. Sincerely, Grover

  23. Sincerely, Annabeth

  24. Sincerely, Artemis

  25. Sincerely, Percy (#3)

  26. Sincerely, Hazel, Frank, Piper, Jason, and Leo

  27. Sincerely, Octavian

  28. Sincerely, Demeter

  29. Sincerely, Persephone

  30. Sincerely... The... Weasley... Twins?

  31. Sincerely, Percy (#4)

  32. Sincerely, Pollux

  33. Sincerely, Athena

  34. Sincerely, Harry (???)

  35. Sincerely, percy (#5)

  36. Sincerely, Hecate

  37. Sincerely, Rick

  38. Sincerely, The Mary-Sues

  39. Sincerely, Persephone (#2)

  40. Sincerely, Hades

  41. Sincerely, Mr. D.

  42. Sincerely, Iris

  43. Sincerely, Everyone

  44. Sincerely, Travis (#2 I think)

  45. Sincerely, Connor

  46. Sincerely, Poseidon

  47. Sincerely, Athena (#2)

  48. Sincerely, Chiron

  49. Sincerely, Will

  50. Sincerely, Nico

  51. Sincerely, Elsa

  52. Sincerely, Katie

  53. Sincerely, Travis (#3)

  54. Sincerely, Clarisse

  55. Sincerely, The Seven

  56. Sincerely, Percy (#6 or 7, I think)

  57. Sincerely, Piper

  58. Sincerely, Rachel

  59. Sincerely, Frank

  60. Sincerely, Sally

  61. Sincerely, Kelli

  62. Author's Note (Plus a note from Clarisse)

    Yaaay! Almost 41,000 views!

  63. Sincerely, Hazel

  64. Sincerely, Coach Hedge

  65. Sincerely, Hypnos

  66. Sincerely, The Stolls

  67. Sincerely, Percy (#7)

  68. Sincerely, Kronos and Gaea

  69. Sincerely Jason and Piper

  70. Sincerely, Leo

  71. Sincerely, Nico and Leo

  72. Sincerely, Nico

  73. Sincerely, Piper

  74. Sincerely, Will

  75. Sincerely, Piper

  76. Sincerely, Jason

  77. Sincerely, Percy

  78. Sincerely, Lots of People(Reyna, Leo, Will, Demeter, Persephone, and Grover


  79. SIncerely, Pretty Much Everybody

  80. Sincerely, Zeus

  81. Sincerely, Athena

    New author's first chapter, yaay~

  82. Sincerely, Araneae Siqua

    This particular chapter is not meant to be insulting. This is not me talking, I'm just trying to be pessimistic for humor purposes.

  83. Sincerely, The Guys (Percy, Jason, Leo, Frank, and Nico)


Just saying about Percy (#2) I know this is old but you should update it, because of the trials of apollo. Cuz, Paul and his mom do have a kid. Almost. His mom is pregnant at least. Also spoiler alert. I know, too late know but whatever.

Dear Grover,
What happened to you and Juniper??

Nova_Love Nova_Love

I totally disagree NICO IS SOOOO GAY
sorry just kinda love the idea of Nico being gay i mean he is like my hero he is not afraid to show who he is I'm not gay but like Nico is awesome

booksbedabest booksbedabest

This is true, I now use fanfiction.net more than I use this website. Mostly because there's a much broader range of ideas, but there was a part of me that went, what the **** am I reading? When I came here, almost a year ago, **** the stories were good. This website has succumbed to the spam, trolls and **** that have been ******* this website with their ****** stories. Step up your ******* game everyone. I heard someone is trying to buy this website. Give them a reason not to.

Protaokper Protaokper

@Blackjack Tempest
It's a same-sex pairing. Don't worry, I didn't even know until about a month ago!

TheOracle TheOracle